1. Download and Install Filezilla
    1. Visit the URL: FileZilla
    2. Click Download FileZilla Client link.
    3. After downloading the FileZilla client, complete the FileZilla installation.

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  2. Use Filezilla to connect to your account
    1. Open the FileZilla client.
    2. Host: For the host value, enter
    3. Username: Enter your cPanel username here.
    4. Password: Enter your cPanel password here.
    5. Port: The default port number is 21, but you can leave the port blank here.
    6. Click Quick Connect.
  3. Download your files from hosting server to your local computer
  4. There are several different ways you can download files to your local computer. We recommend the following:

    1. In the upper-left window, click your desktop to open it.
    2. In the lower-left window, right click and choose "Create New Directory"
    3. Type a name (i.e. My Website Backup) to the directory.
    4. Double click the new directory in the lower-left window to navigate to it.
    5. In the lower-right window, click any folder and then hit Ctrl-a on your keyboard to highlight all of the files and folders.

      public_html: If you want to download your website files, select the public_html directory
      Email: If you want to download your email, select the mail directory.
      Databases: Your databases are not stored in the same directory as your hosting account. You will need to download a backup of your databases separately.
    6. Right click on any of the highlighted files / folders and click "Download". This will download all of your files / folders to the "My Website Backup" folder that we created above.