1. Get the authorization code from your current registrar.

    1. Log in to your current registrar company.
    2. Verify that the administrator's contact information for the domain is correct. All emails regarding the transfer will go to the administrator's email.
    3. Unlock the domain name.
    4. If the domain has Protected Registration or Private Registration, you'll need to cancel it.
    5. Get the authorization code from your current registrar.
  2.  Purchase domain name transfer at MY CHEAPER DOMAIN. 

    1. Log in to your MY CHEAPER DOMAIN account.
    2. Click Domain Names drop down link > Select Transfer Domains from the list.
    3. how-to-transfer-your-domain-to-my-cheaper-domain

    4. Enter the domain name that you want to transfer > Click Go.
    5. how-to-transfer-your-domain-to-my-cheaper-domain-3

    6. Click Proceed to Checkout to purchase the domain name transfer. 
    7. how-to-transfer-your-domain-to-my-cheaper-domain-3

  3. Check your email to get the transaction ID and security code from MY CHEAPER DOMAIN.

  4. Authorize your domain name transfer to MY CHEAPER DOMAIN.

    1. Log in to your MY CHEAPER DOMAIN account.
    2. Click My Account.
    3. Next to Domains, click Manage.
    4. From the Domains menu, select Transfers
    5. Click Authorize transfer.
    6. Click Add now.
    7. Enter the transaction id in the Transaction ID and security code inn the Security Code field.
    8. Click Add
    9. Select the Basic tab, and then enter the Authorization Code from the current registrar (if applicable) in the field next to your domain name.
    10. Select I authorize the transfer..., and then click Finish.
    11. Click OK.
  5. Check the progress of your domain name transfer at MY CHEAPER DOMAIN.

    1. Next to Domains, click Manage.
    2. From the Domains menu, select Transfers
    3. Click Pending Transfers In to see pending transfers to MY CHEAPER DOMAIN.
    4. Check the status in the Status field. It usually takes five to seven days for the transfer to complete. 





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