Selenium Test Automation: How to download and start Eclipse IDE on Windows?


Set Up Eclipse

Download and start Eclipse IDE


Operating System: 64 bit Windows 8
JDK: 1.8

Step 1: Download Eclipse

  1. Click here to go to download page.
  2. Click on 64 bit under the heading Eclipse IDE for Java Developers section.
    Install Eclipse Download Java EE Developer.
  3. Click on Download.
  4. Save the .zip file to your computer directory.

Step 2: Extract the archive to a directory

  1. Right click on the Zip file > select Extract All.
  2. Select a destination where you want to extract the archive to.and then click Extract.
  3. Wait until the extraction process is finished...
  4. Once the extraction process is completed, you will see a new folder created. Rename the folder to eclipse. .

Step 3: Open Eclipse and create a workspace.

  1. Double click the eclipse folder to open it.
  2. Double click the eclipse.exe file to run Eclipse.
  3. Workspace Launcher” window displays. You can use the default workspace or simply click the Browse button to select a different workspace. This workspace directory will contain all the program files you create.
  4. Eclipse IDE is opened. Welcome window for Eclipse may display. Just close the Welcome window. This will complete Eclipse IDE installation process.
  5. Selenium-eclipse-open-eclipse-close-welcome-window

  6. Restart the computer to refresh system memory and allows registration or configuration changes made by installers and uninstallers to take effect.
  7. Double click on eclipse.exe file to open the Eclipse IDE again.
  8. selenium-eclipse-install-eclipse-ide-workspace-window


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